My Book

My book A Small Farm Future: Making the Case for a Society Built Around Local Economies, Self-Provisioning, Agricultural Diversity, and a Shared Earth is due out from Chelsea Green Publishing in October 2020.

The book develops and distils many of the themes I’ve developed on this blog over the years. To quote from the back cover: “Drawing on a vast range of sources from across a multitude of disciplines, A Small Farm Future analyses the complex forces that make societal change inevitable; explains how low-carbon, locally self-reliant, agrarian communities can empower us to successfully confront these changes head on; and explores the pathways for delivering this vision politically”.

I’ll be keeping this page updated with relevant links, events, reviews and so forth relating to the book. Drop me a line via the Contact Form if you’d like me to put you on the mailing list for updates on the book.

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Feel free to post feedback or questions about the book below. Even better, feel free to post a review online. Whatever you think of my analyses or the answers I come up with in the book, I’m convinced that the issues it raises are vitally important for us to discuss open-mindedly and to act upon urgently. So I’ll be fascinated to see how the book fares when it goes out into the world, and delighted to discuss its implications.