This page will be developed over time into a wider resource. For now, it offers you some links to other organisations of interest:

Vallis Veg our sister website for our farm business.

The Campaign for Real Farming an excellent organisation initiated by the science writer Colin Tudge, which is campaigning for a more sensible, more sustainable and smaller-scale agriculture, with which we’re proud to be associated.

La Via Campesina for a wider view of why small-scale farming matters

If you follow this site, you’ll probably notice that it takes a sympathetically critical stance towards permaculture. If you’re looking for a sympathetically sympathetic stance, try The Permaculture Association

World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms is one way to get involved in small-scale farming practically – who knows, you may end up volunteering on our farm!

2 thoughts on “Resources

  1. It would be wonderful if you provided a list of posts, or at least categories, rather than having to click through “next” or “previous.” Your writing is simply the most balanced and intelligent on agriculture that I have come across. Thanks.

  2. Charles, thanks for your appreciative comment. You should find that there’s a list of categories on a drop down menu on the right hand side of the home page – let me know if you can’t locate it. I probably ought to do a bit of housekeeping and refresh the site soon – just a few too many things to do at the moment!

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