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The publicity wagon for my book is well and truly on the road, so along with having to get outside occasionally to do some actual farming I don’t think I’m going to be able to put any new posts up here for a few weeks.

But I’d like to give a special invite to followers of this blog to join me for the launch webinar of the book at 6.30pm UK time on Tue 13 October (1.30pm Eastern Time in the US), where I’ll be in conversation with Peter Macfadyen (ex-mayor of my hometown of Frome, author of Flatpack Democracy, gardener and mover and shaker extraordinaire) and Jyoti Fernandes (farmer, food and social justice activist, co-founder of the Land Workers’ Alliance and also mover and shaker extraordinaire). It should be an interesting hour.

The webinar is free, but you need to sign up to it here.

I’d also like to thank all the commenters on this blog. A good deal that’s in the book I’ve learned from you, and it would certainly never have been written if I hadn’t found such a great online community to encourage me and discuss ideas with.

If you’re interested, I did a brief interview about the book yesterday on the Alexis Conran show on Times Radio (I’m on in the last 15 minutes), and I should soon be on the Hardy Report podcast, time tba.

Publication date for the book is 15 October in the UK and 21 October in the US. If you’d like to pre-order the book you can do so from your local indie bookstore (such as the excellent Hunting Raven Books here in Frome) or through various online retailers including and Waterstones in the UK; Chelsea Green and Indiebound in the USA; or the Book Depository worldwide. Please do share it around your networks and write an online review of it if you consider it worthy.

I’m juggling with various email circulation lists relating to the book which I’ve generated through a semi-mystical process from my online contact list. It’s likely that some of the regular commenters here at Small Farm Future will be on the lists, whereas others won’t be. This has nothing to do with any judgment on my part, but is purely a manifestation of the aforementioned mystique over which I have limited control. If you read this blog regularly, you’ll probably be appraised of what’s going on with the book anyway – especially if you read the My Book page. But if you’d like to be on the mailing list for news and reviews about the book and don’t get an email from me about it by the end of the coming week, feel free to drop me a line asking to be on the list and I’ll see to it.

Once the furies of the launch are over, I’m planning to write a series of blog posts over the next few months that work their way through the book from start to finish – explaining, agonising and expanding on the various themes that are laid out within its pages. I hope you’ll join me in the debate!


9 thoughts on “Small Farm Future – the book

  1. Thanks all. I guess the launch date is when it’s available generally, whereas pre-orders get shipped earlier. All a bit above my pay grade…

    I hope you enjoy reading it. My working through the issues will be behind the game, at this rate…

    • Thanks Steve. Yeah I saw that article – very interesting, though a bit vague on the details of how they computed things.

      Hope you’re enjoying the book!

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